About company

In February 1899 the first train, having overcome 180 km site, arrived in Alexanderpol (nowadays Gyumri) from Tiflis. Since then for Armenia not having a direct exit to the sea and located in mountains 1800 metres high above the sea level, the railway transportation has an important strategic value in maintenance with the reliable transport communication promoting economic and social development of the Republic.

Joint-Stock Company "SCR" is 100 % Open Society affiliated company of Public Corporation "Russian railways". On February, 13th, 2008 in Yerevan between Open Society Republic of Armenia signed the Concession contract on transfer of state Joint-Stock Company "Armenian railway" to Joint-Stock Company "SCR" management. According to the contract, the term of concession management is 30 years with the right of prolongation to 10 years after the first twenty years of work by a mutual consent of the parties. According to conditions of the tender employees of the railway of Armenia (4300 persons), except for the persons who have reached a pension age, are translated into the staff of Joint-Stock Company "SCR" with increase of wages to 20 %. Joint-Stock Company "SCR" problems include modernisation of an infrastructure of railway RA, development of cooperation with the adjacent with Armenia states, development of the mid-republican and international passenger and cargo traffic. The size of the investments that are carried out by the Company makes $ 572 million, out of which $ 220 million is planned to invest within the first 5 years.

The activity of Joint-Stock Company "SCR" began on June, 1st, 2008.

Joint-Stock Company mission is development as the national transport company dynamically developing efficiency and quality of services by means of certain strategic tasks. Among them the Company allocates:

- increase of long-term efficiency and financial stability;

- service quality improvement;

- increase in capacity of transport manufacture on the territory РА;

- integration into the European -Asian transport-logistical system.

The company carries out the following kinds of activity:

- freight traffic;

- passenger transportations in the distant traffic;

- passenger transportations in the suburban traffic;

- granting infrastructure services;

- granting locomotive draught services;

- rolling stock repair;

- infrastructure object building;

maintenance of social sphere. 

The company carries out freight traffic in export, import and mid-republican traffics. In transportation structure the principal views of the cargoes which transportations are constant are allocated: cement, grain, oil and mineral oil, chemical and mineral fertilizers).

One of the Company activity mainstreams is realisation of internal and international passenger transportations. According to concession contract, Joint-Stock Company "SCR" in 2008 has rendered services in passenger transportations in volumes, not below carried out by Joint-Stock Companies for the similar period in 2007. Moreover, during Company activity, both in inside and in the interstate traffic notable growth of passenger turnover has been fixed.

Joint-Stock Company "SCR" technical characteristics

 The developed extent of tracks of Armenia makes 1328.6 km out of which 780 km - the main ways. The operational length of Joint-Stock Company "SCR" makes 726 km.

Transportation capacity of Joint-Stock Company "SCR" is 50 million tons and 5.5 million passengers in a year when functioning all four joints, and throughput only one of butt stations - Ayrum makes 18 steams of trains a day.

Joint-Stock Company is completely electrified, equipped by system of semi-automatic blocking and a modern technological communication system.

Joint-Stock Company "SCR" has 75 stations, four of which butt:

- Ayrum - Sadakhlo (Georgia)

- Akhuryan - Dogukapi (Turkey)

- Yeraskh - Velidagh (Azerbaijan)

- Ijevan - Barkhudarli (Azerbaijan)
 Rolling stock and railroad lines

 - Length of the main track is 780 km, 2.56 % is double track;

- Width of the track is 1520 mm;

- Electrification of the line is 98 %; 3.3;

- Quantity of freight cars is 1839;

- Quantity of electric locomotives is 49, out of which 18 (ВЛ8), 31 (ВЛ10)

- Quantity of carriages is 135;

- Quantity of diesel locomotives is 30.


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