Activity directions
Overall objectives of Society activity is to maintain the requirements of the state, legal and physical persons in rail transportation, work and services rendered by rail, as well as earnings.

The primary goals of the Society

Applying to railway transport maintenance work for common use connected with cargo transportation:

realization of maintenance work, maintenance service and repair of railway transportation;

railway transportation of common use for passengers, goods and cargoes, including the state, military and special transportation;

rendering of services for giving train;

cargo handling;

racking of the goods and protection maintenance on roads and stations;

rendering of services in protection of goods, including protection of the goods which are under the customs control, as well as protection of cargoes and parcels of passengers;

expedition activity;

manufacture, service and operational railway rolling stock (including fire trains), the containers applied in the railway transportation;

rendering of services on planned and maintenance service of cars, containers and locomotives, repair of wheel pairs, and also performance of work on steam washing and processing;

repair of electric machines, manufacture of electric units, lighting and metal products;

rendering of services in preparation of engineering and design documents;

rendering of services of communication, consumption and other information;

prevention and elimination of fires, other failures on railway transportation, including restoration jobs;

protection of the environment, including rendering of ecological control;

intermediary, buyer, vendor and seller's activity;

information, advertising and publishing activity;

transportation of passengers and goods by motor transport;

medical activity;

educational activity;

production and realisation of building designs, deforestation, processing of wood;

protection, processing and scrap metal realisations;

land construction work;

any other kind of the activity which has been not forbidden by RA legislation.

The profit is the basic index of the Society activity.

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