Press centre
Press-release 2013
27.11.2013 Two employees of JSC "SCR" awarded diplomas by the Council for Rail Transport of CIS Member States
21.11.2013 SCR Delegation Participated in the Armenian-Russian Business Forum
20.11.2013 The Delegation of CJSC "SCR" Takes Part in the 59th Meeting of the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth
20.11.2013 In January-October 2013 SCR Transported 2730.0 Tons of Cargo
20.11.2013 SCR Significantly Improved the Efficiency of the Locomotive and Car Parks
12.11.2013 SCR Created a Commission to Examine the Causes of the Crash on the Stretch Dalarik - Qarakert
29.10.2013 CJSC "SCR" Urges Citizens to Follow Safety Rules on the Railway
22.10.2013 SCR CEO Summed up the Commission Inspection
22.10.2013 SCR Held an Autumn Inspection
21.10.2013 SCR Holds Autumn Examination of Special and Self-Propelled Rolling Stock from 21 October to 14 November
14.10.2013 CEO of SCR Summed up the Work of the Company for the Nine Months of 2013
14.10.2013 CJSC SCR Took Part in the Urban Exhibition "Better Yerevan"
04.10.2013 Russian Language Courses Opened for SCR Employees at the Road Teaching Center
04.10.2013 CJSC "SCR" Participates in the Ninth Digitec Expo 2013
02.10.2013 SCR Forms s Commission to Investigate the Accident on Qarakert-Arteni Stretch
01.10.2013 SCR is Preparing for the Autumn-Winter Period
30.09.2013 CJSC "SCR" Salaries Increased by 11% Compared to the Last Year
Press-release 2012
06.09.2012 CJSC "SCR" Security Service Passed the Standards for Physical Fitness
04.09.2012 CEO of CJSC "SCR" Met with the Armenian Students Participating in the Olympic Construction in Sochi
24.08.2012 SCR urges citizens to follow safety rules on the railway
24.08.2012 CJSC "SCR" Student Team Returns from the Olympic Construction in Sochi
20.08.2012 SCR significantly improved efficiency of the locomotive and car parks
20.08.2012 The Volume of Cargo at SCR in January-July 2012 Increased by 9.8%
18.08.2012 Since the Beginning of Season of Summer Passenger Fright Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan Train Has Transported 30 575 Passengers
10.08.2012 Since the Beginning of Summer Freight 23.600 Passengers Have Been Transported by Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan Train
06.08.2012 RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan's Congratulation Message on the Occasion of the Day of Railwayman
06.08.2012 SCR Celebrated the Day of Railwayman
02.08.2012 The Children's Railway Reconstructed by SCR Opened
27.07.2012 SCR approved a new draft of the Collective Agreement
27.07.2012 SCR Held III Meeting of Masters
27.07.2012 The Volume of SCR Freight Traffic in the First Half of 2012 Increased by 10.5%
27.07.2012 SCR Significantly Increased the Efficiency of the Locomotive and Car Fleets
25.07.2012 A New Training Ground Opened in Gyumri State Technical College with the Assistance of CJSC "SCR"
23.07.2012 Passengers of the Brand Train "Armenia" Can Now Use the Services of Buffet Car
23.07.2012 CJSC "SCR" Keeps on Implementing the Program of Assistance to Domestic Producers
19.07.2012 SCR Staff Transfers Daily Salary to the Fund of Assistance to the Victims of Flood in Krimsk
18.07.2012 Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan Train Carried 6173 Passengers from June 15 to July 15
04.07.2012 New Board of Directors of CJSC "SCR" Selected
10.07.2012 Yerevan will Host the Next Meeting of the Working Group of the Council on Rail Transport for Youth
09.07.2012 CEO SCR visited Lori Marz
09.07.2012 SCR Runs the Train Hrazdan-Almast-Shorzha for Fan of Lake Sevan
02.07.2012 SCR Maid a Number of Staff Changes
29.06.2012 HR Issued Discussed at the Meeting in SCR
27.06.2012 The group of Armenian students left for Sochi to the Olympic construction
26.06.2012 SCR CEO Met with the Members of Student Building Group of Sochi
21.06.2012 In January-May 2012 CJSC "SCR" Transported about Eight Thousand Passengers in the International Traffic
21.06.2012 The Volume of SCR Freight Traffic in January - May 2012 Increased by 8.4%
21.06.2012 SCR Significantly Increased the Efficiency of the Locomotive and Car Fleets
15.06.2012 First This Year Brand Train "Armenia" Has Departed from Yerevan to Batumi, Also Tickets Are Now Available Online
08.06.2012 SCR Opens Season of Summer Passenger Traffic on June 15
06.06.2012 Adjustment Factors Are Set for International Freight Traffic of SCR in the 3rd Quarter of 2012
05.06.2012 SCR and GR are Intended to increase the Volume of Containerized Cargo
31.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Introduces Lowering Factors in Transporting of Construction Materials and Feedstock in Domestic Traffic
30.05.2012 Specialists of CJSC "SCR" and the Ministry of Emergency Situation of Armenia Held a Joint Exercise
24.05.2012 SCR CEO Forecasts Significant Growth in Rail Freight in 2012
24.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Is Intended to Focus on the Development of Commuter Passenger Transportation
24.05.2012 SCR investments volume in 2012 is 13.5 billion AMD
22.05.2012 Social Policy Remains a Priority for SCR
22.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" HR Policy in the First Quarter of 2012
22.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Opens a Contest for 2012 Graduates to Study in Railway High Schools of the Russian Federation
22.05.2012 In January-April 2012 CJSC "SCR" transported 6.4 Thousand Passengers in the International Traffic
22.05.2012 The Volume of SCR Freight Traffic in January - April 2012 Increased by 2%
22.05.2012 SCR Significantly Increased the Efficiency of the Locomotive and Car Fleets
17.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Delegation Takes Part in the 56th Session of the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth in Moscow
16.05.2012 Representatives of SCR and Shengavit Prefecture Acquainted with the Sanitary and Hygienic Shape on the Stage Noragavir-Masis
15.05.2012 The First 10 Repaired Passenger Cars of "Armenia" Brand Train Were Presented at the Station "Yerevan"
14.05.2012 SCR Preparing for Summer Passenger Traffic
11.05.2012 SCR functions a new distance-measuring computerized car-laboratory
09.05.2012 SCR Solemnly Celebrated May 9
08.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Reminds of the Need to Conform with the Railroad any Excavation Works Near Railway Sites
07.05.2012 CJSC "SCR" Expands Cooperation with Armenian Companies
04.05.2012 Agreement on Amendments and Additions to the Concession Agreement on Transfer of the Armenian Railways to the Management of SCR Is Signed
04.05.2012 SCR, the Ministry of Transport of the RA and "Armenia International Airports" signed a Memorandum of Intent for the Construction of railway to the Airport "Zvartnots"
03.05.2012 FiveÜTeenagersÜArrested for ÜTheft ofÜCable onÜRail
26.04.2012 Armen Darbinyan Appointed Deputy Head for Security of CJSC "SCR"
23.04.2012 SCR: The Opening of a New Railway Bridge in Zamanlu
19.04.2012 SCRÜsignificantly increasedÜthe efficiency ofÜthe locomotiveÜand carÜfleets
19.04.2012 In the First Quarter of 2012 CJSCÜ"SCR"Ütransported 5.1 Thousand Passengers in the International Traffic
19.04.2012 The Volume of Freight Traffic on SCR in the First quarter of 2012 increased by 1.4 %
18.04.2012 CJSC "SCR" Assisted in the Formation of the Training Ground at the Gyumri State Technical College
13.04.2012 SCR is ready to expand cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia
12.04.2012 General Director of CJSC "SCR" Presented to the Prime Minister of Armenia the Progress of the Concession Obligations of the Company
12.04.2012 General Director of CJSC "SCR" received the Latvian delegation
11.04.2012 SCR Conducts Spring Inspection of the Road and Rolling Stock
04.04.2012 Avalanche work on Jajur-Maisyan site did not affect the train schedule CJSC "SCR"
03.04.2012 In April SCR saves the adjustment factors in calculation of the freight of the 1st quarter of 2012
03.04.2012 SCR urges citizens to follow the rules of safety on the railway
27.03.2012 SCR completes reconstruction of Sanahin mechanized road race in the autumn 2012
24.03.2012 SCR Head Met Young Employees
24.03.2012 CJSC "SCR" together with partner companies holds a contest-festival for school children of Gyumri
20.03.2012 ˘h┼ Exhibition of "Manufacturers of Armenia for the Needs of CJSC "SCR"
19.03.2012 The volume of international passenger traffic in SCR in January-February 2012 increased by 2.9%
19.03.2012 The volume of freight traffic on the SCR in the January-February 2012 increased by 2.7%
16.03.2012 The Construction of the Railway Bridge in Zamanlu Completes in April
13.03.2012 A Month Dedicated to the Struggle against the "Ticketless" Passengers Starts on March 19 in CJSC SCR
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