CJSC SCR Establishes Relationships with the Yakutian Railways
Director in general of OJSC “Yakutian Railways” Vasiliy Shimokhin lately visited CJSC SCR. The head of the company visited railway centre “Diagnostics” of the infrastructure of the CJSC SCR. There he learnt the technology of diagnostics, system training of the specialists in that sphere, studied the possible ways of their functioning in the Amuro-Yakutian railways. Later, V. Shimokhin noticed that CJSC SCR and OJSC “Yakutian Railways” have many specialties in common: both of the companies stands in the system of daughter companies and affiliates of OJSC “Russian Railways”, both of them has mainly equal volume of passenger and freight traffic.
“Problems of “south Caucasus Railways” get equal actuality for OJSC “Yakutian Railways””, noticed V. Shimokhin.
The head of OJSC “Yakutian Railways” also noticed that he thought Armenian railway workers would be interested in their colleges experience and technologies in Yakutian Railways, on refreshing rolling stocks in particular. The head of OJSC “Yakutian Railways” added that they had functioned American “General Electric’ firm’s locomotives with success which let them organize the traffic process more efficiently and smoothly. V. Shimokhin informed that inside the structure of OJSC “Yakutian Railways” works a development department which elaborated the innovations. Soon, the workers of the department would visit the CJSC SCR to learn Armenian technologies and experience.
Due to the visit of V. Shimokhin, the delegation was in Yerevan station, learnt the process of development of station complex in Armenia, and took part in the meeting on experience exchange.
The head of OJSC “Yakutian Railways” gave a present from the president of Yakutia Yegor Borisov and a thank-you-letter from the Prime Minister Galina Danchikovo of Yakutia to the head of CJSC SCR Viktor Rebets.
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