CEO SCR visited Lori Marz
On July 4 CEO of "South Caucasian Railway" Victor Rebets visited Lori Marz, Sanahin mechanized race track and railway station in the town of Alaverdi, where there was an accident a few days ago.
In Sanahin CEO of SCR get acquainted with the process of reconstruction of the mechanized race track. Recall that the reconstruction work on the basis of Sanahin recycling depot, the oldest in Armenia, which was built in the late XIX century, began in October 2011.
Reconstruction of MRT takes two stages. In the first phase supposes the repair and reconstruction of houses and shops of the depot, installation of two overhead cranes, beams, equipped with various parts, in particular, hand-blanking, welding, repair parts for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment.
In the second phase of reconstruction of the mechanical race track technical equipment will be installed, a shed for the repair of large equipment and sludge will be built which can not pass in the special repair shops because of its technical parameters. MRT office building is also expected to be repaired which will be equipped with facilities for employees, as well as a class for training with machinists.
In Alaverdi Victor Rebets visited the railway station located near the city market which has recently had an accident with a foot passenger. Together with the Mayor of Alaverdi Artavazd Varosyan the head of the railway acquainted with the conditions for foot passengers.
Discussions resulted that the head of SCR and Alaverdi Mayor agreed to a comprehensive solution to existing problems. In particular, due to the agreement between the parties bus stop located near the railway will be moved, fencing will be installed eliminating the possibility of unauthorized crossing of railway tracks. The footbridge will also be upgraded which is located 200 meters from the unauthorized transfer: it will be equipped with special ramps designed for foot passengers with prams.
"We will do our best effort to consider the interests of foot passengers. This site is one of the most dangerous in Alaverdi, and gradually we will solve the problem on all of these transitions, "- said SCR head Viktor Rebets.
At the conclusion of his visit the head of the railway visited the camp "Gugark", which is currently resting SCR employees' children.
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