SCR Significantly Increased the Efficiency of the Locomotive and Car Fleets
South Caucasus Railway in January-June 2012 significantly increased the level of efficiency of freight cars and locomotives. According to CJSC "SCR" recent statistics accelerated turnover of freight cars increased by 0.4 days or 11.1% to the level of the first half of 2011.
According to statistics on the average one car was on run during 3.6 days. In January-June 2012 the average daily performance of a car amounted to 4021 tones/km net / wagon, up 11% over the same period in 2011.
The locomotive fleet performance indexes also improved. In particular, the average mileage of the locomotive was 355.5 loc/km, which exceeds  the first half of 2011 by 5.9%.
The Company achieved such results due to its policy of railway infrastructure and traction-rolling stock improvement on the basis of comprehensive measures to ensure traffic safety.
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