SCR completes reconstruction of Sanahin mechanized road race in the autumn 2012
SCR still works on reconstruction of Sanahin mechanized road race. Restoration work on the basis of Sanahin recycling depot began in October 2011. Last time such large-scale work at the depot (built in the late XIX century) was carried out in 1960.
Reconstruction of VSD is carried out in two stages. The first phase supposes reconstruction and repair of workshops and building of the depot, installations of two suspended cranes, and equipment of bench and procurement sector, welding sector and sectors of repair of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment in particular.
The second stage of reconstruction supposes installation of special technical equipment, building a shed for the repair and settling of large equipment, which due to its technical parameters can not be repaired in special workshops. Office building of mechanized road race is also expected to be repaired, which will be equipped with facilities for employees, as well as a class for training with machinists.
We recall that last year at Sanahin VSD 10 pieces of railway equipment were repaired: 4 Track Vehicles, 4 railcars, a laying crane and a track crane. Taking into account the ongoing reconstruction in the VSD, eight pieces of equipment are planned to be repaired in 2012.
Accordingly, JSC "SCR" keeps on implementing its program of restoration and modernization of railway infrastructure, due to which from the beginning of the concession activity about 160 km of track has been repaired, about 260 thousand wooden sleepers were replaced, 70 switches, 49 crossing, 24 bridges were repaired, locomotive and wagon depots of Yerevan were reconstructed, etc.
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