The Volume of Cargo at SCR in January-July 2012 Increased by 9.8%
Cargo transportation volume of CJSC "South Caucasian Railway" in January-July 2012 amounted to 1886.3 thousand tons, which is 9.8% more than the same period of 2011.
In export traffic for seven months in 2012 SCR has transported 256.2 thousand tons of cargo, over the same period in 2011 by 7.7%.
Cargo transportation in import traffic totaled 715.5 thousand tons, which is 5.2% more than in January-July of last year. In local traffic during 2012 reporting period 914.6 thousand tons of cargo was transported, which is 14.5 higher than during the seven months of 2011.
It should be noted that in January-July this year the average weight of a freight train increased by 5.1% reaching 1435 tons against 1366 tons last year.
However, only in July 2012 the volume of freight traffic increased by 6.6%. Only during the month SCR transported 301.8 thousand tons of cargo, including 116.7 thousand tons in the import, 40.2 thousand tons in the export and 144.9 thousand tons in local traffic.
In export traffic in the nomenclature of goods prevailed, in particular, non-ferrous ore (10.6 tons), cement (10 tons) and ferrous metals (5 tons). In import traffic in July 2012 mostly has been transported grain (54.8 tons) and oil products (23.2 tons). In the local traffic color ore (100.4 thousand tons), construction materials (26.1 tons), corn and grain cargo (1.8 tons) dominated.
The railway is gradually increasing its key performance indicators, including the volume of freight traffic. We achieved these results thanks to SCR flexible tariff policy aimed at reducing transport costs in the price of the goods transported.
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