SCR urges citizens to follow safety rules on the railway
In connection with the accident on Ayrum-Bagra stretch CJSC "South Caucasus Railway" reminds citizens to follow safety and traffic rules on the railroad once again.
SCR encourages citizens to be more attentive at railway stations and while crossing the tracks. The company requires to strictly follow safety rules and calls the citizens not to cross the railroad tracks without permission in a convenient for them but not intended for that place, do not use the way for grazing and transhumance. Recently such actions have become a serious threat to people’s life and health and traffic safety.
Railroad reminds drivers that protected crossings should be crossed only with the permission of the duty, and unprotected ones with full confidence in the safety and help trying to rush ahead the train that can lead to serious consequences. Often even in protected crossings drivers ignore the claims of the duty and try to avoid the gate crossing the road in front of full-speed-up rolling stock.
For its part SCR has taken all necessary steps to ensure traffic safety: the program of re-equipping and maintenance of crossings is on process, operations to identify shortcomings and breaks at railroad crossings are regularly carried out, technical studies are carried out with the duties, notes “Notice of Traffic Safety” are distributed to the drivers.
SCR pays particular attention to awareness about the rules of conduct and safety, for this at all railway stations special reminders are placed for citizens and children. In addition, we co-operate with the municipal authorities, enterprises, schools located next to the railroad which explain to people, staff and students the need to meet the safety rules on the railway.
SCR again calls on people not to risk life and limb crossing the railroad tracks, in violation of the rules. Remember that rail transport as road, can not stop at once: in the event of emergency braking stopping distance passenger trains is at least 800 meters. Be careful and remember that with your careless actions you endanger not only yourselves but also the lives and health of railway passengers!
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