CEO of CJSC “SCR” Met with the Armenian Students Participating in the Olympic Construction in Sochi
CEO of South Caucasus Railway Victor Rebets met with the members of student construction team representing Armenia At the Olympic Construction in Sochi. The students presented the head of the Company an oral report on progress, achievements and difficulties.
Victor Rebets noted that SCR having taken the lead in formation the student team had had the main objective to not only provide high performance, but also to establish friendly and partner relationships with the students from other countries.
It was a key for you to develop a sense of friendship, mutual assistance and student fraternity. We wished you learned to interact with colleagues and also demonstrate your competitive advantages. Your work in Sochi is a priceless school that you graduated from in 1.5 months. In other circumstances you would have gained this experience in a few years, -said the head of SCR.
The students also expressed a desire to work for the railroad in Armenia. CEO of SCR assured that the doors of the company were always open to highly skilled professionals and young people.
The construction team representing Armenia at the Olympic construction in Sochi included 20 students from Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and the State Engineering University of Armenia (Polytechnic).
Armenian representatives worked on the construction of a combined road for railway and auto vehicle from Adler station to the mountain resort "Alpika-service". By the way, the Armenian team  surpassed other groups by 30%.
A variety of sports tournaments, creative competitions and festivals were also held for students.
Student teams from the CIS and Baltic countries to participate in the construction of Olympic facilities are formed at the initiative of JSC "Russian Railways", and the the representatives of Armenia participate in the program for the third year unceasingly.
All in 2009-2012 period for the construction of Olympic facilities of Russian Railways more than 2,800 students have been attracted, including 250 from the CIS and Baltic countries.


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