The Construction of the Railway Bridge in Zamanlu Completes in April

In April 2012 the construction of the railway bridge in Zamanlu will be completed in terms due to working plan schedule. Closed Joint-Stock Company “South Caucuses Railway” has been rebuilding Zamanlu’s bridge since 2010 due to investment program which is determined on railways reanimation and reconstruction. Presently proceedings on sub grade, air transfer network and structuring of the new bridge are over. In accordance with the schedule proceedings on superstructure building, guardhouse building, guards booths, PTL reconstruction, catenaries, lighting system, utilities, landscaping and energy are going on.
Reconstructions are carried out simultaneously in different directions: on the bases, spans, on the porches to the bridge Zamanlu, as well as on supporting walls, excavation operations on the right and left bank areas.
The bridge across Zamanlu canyon was built in 1898 and was the biggest one built in the Russian Empire. Its length is 256 meters long and height is 26 meters. Presently with the Zamanlu Bridge a new bridge is being built simultaneously next to it, which will be functioning as a railway bridge. After the reconstruction Zamalu Bridge will have 161 meters length.
On total the construction project is estimated over 1,7 billion AMD. 
As soon as Zamanlu bridge functions, the old one will be announced a museum. Due to its politics of supporting Armenian business, Closed Joint-Stock Company “South Caucuses Railway” chose the Armenian construction company “Kamurjshin” as the contractor.

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