CEO of SCR Summed up the Work of the Company for the Nine Months of 2013
On Monday Director General of "South Caucasus Railway" Victor Rebets held a conference to sum up the results of the Company for first 9 months of this year. According to the CEO the reporting period was sufficient to give assessment for SCR and the formation of a work plan for the coming 2014.
Victor Rebets reported that in January-September 2013 SCR carried more than 2.4 million tons of cargo covering 96.7 % of the planned target and 95.6 % from the same period last year. However, the head of the company said that the loading exceeded 1.5 million tons, which is 2.1% more than in January - September last year.
According to the data in January-September 2013 a positive trend on important indicators is recorded such as idle of transit cars, idle under one single cargo operation, the average mileage of the locomotive, the average weight of the train.
Turning to passenger traffic, the CEO of SCR said that despite the positive trend in passenger traffic compared to last year and an increase of 1.3 % compared with the planned measure of passenger traffic in the local traffic, it is necessary to continue to work on improving the competitiveness of rail passengers traffic.
In this context, Victor Rebets paid particular attention to the train schedule. According to him, since the beginning of the year 147 trains have been delayed for 187 hours. 110 freight trains were delayed for 164 hours, 11 international and 26 local passenger trains.
"It is necessary to focus on compliance of train schedule at the heart of future work", - said Victor Rebets.
Particularly the head of the Company focused on the issue of wage growth on railway recalling that during this period the average monthly wage in SCR increased by 10.7 % to 195,758 drams. For comparison, Victor Rebets noted that the average monthly salary in the country is 145 thousand drams, and the wage growth - 4.7%.
Director General of SCR drew attention to the modernization of infrastructure, improving traffic safety and health by giving appropriate instructions to the responsible parties.
However, the head of the company appealed to the shortcomings in the work of the railway instructing to intensify efforts on the implementation of plans for freight, to balance revenues and expenditures, to pay special attention to the repair of infrastructure before the winter.
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