SCR CEO Summed up the Commission Inspection
On 22 October the Director General of "South Caucasus Railway" Victor Rebets suumed up the results of the autumn survey.
"In 5 years SCR investment in Armenia totaled almost to 100 billion drams, 65bilions of which have gone to upgrade the infrastructure. Since then almost 300 km of track was repaired,  412.5 thousand sleepers laid down. In 2013 repair is planned on track: overhaul of 15 kilometers, the expanded average repair 19 km of track, reinforced repair on 31 km of track,"- said the head of the company.
According to Victor Rebets, since the beginning of this year an improvement on the track is recorded, a decline in its ranking point. As the CEO noted by 2013 the task is achieved to ensure the ranking point of the track below 100 points. The head of SCR recalled that in September 2013 this index estimated 94 points, despite the fact that the year before in September the figure had been 150 points.
"We found a way to solve this problem. We have gone from a dozen miles away, had a failing grade at the beginning of this year. In June, a similar assessment was given to just 1 km of track, in August, there were none of them, and in September a failing grade earned just 5 km of the track", - said Victor Rebets.
However, the head of the SCR said that the progress made some of the managers relax, so in the autumn survey over 1 million observations of various kind had been found out.
At the same time Victor Rebets stressed that the causes of the comments were not a lack of materials or personnel, but the failure of leadership effectiveness and organization.
"However, I can’t help noting the positive moves. The technical condition of Gyumri and Masis stations significantly improved, positive results were recorded in the production in the division of electrification and power supply,"- said V. Rebets.
The Director General of SCR said that in such stressful period for the railroad in autumn and winter the leaders should personally inspect the state of the road weekly, by taking all measures for the qualitative improvement of the infrastructure of the program, as well as correcting those remarks.
"We are expecting great hard work" - warned the head of the company.
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