SCR Created a Commission to Examine the Causes of the Crash on the Stretch Dalarik - Qarakert
By order of the Acting Director General of "South Caucasus Railway" Sergey Valko a commission to investigate the causes of crushing 5 fuel tanks on the stretch Dalarik – Qarakert has been established.
The investigation committee will present a conclusion on the causes of the accident and will develop a list of measures to prevent such incidents on the railway.
Recall that the night of the 10th of November on the stretch Dalarik-Qarakert five tanks with gasoline derailed and caught fire. The train included 6 cars of grain, 15 tanks with gasoline, 11 empty freight cars and 2 cars of wood. From stations Masis and Gyumri locomotives arrived on the accident place and towed not damaged cars, also firefighting train worked. On-site 6 fire brigades worked and a Rapid Response Group of RA Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The fire was localized at 03:33, estinguished at 06:04. As a result, 4 fuel tanks completely burned, 2 tanks partially, also wooden sleepers on 100 meters burned.
At the site of the accident all the night were present the acting Director General of SCR Sergey Valko, the Chief Reviser of the traffic safety Levon Hakobyan, the Chief Eengineer Aram Yedigaryan.
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