SCR significantly increased the efficiency of the locomotive and car fleets
In the first quarter of 2012  South Caucasian Railway  significantly increased the level of efficiency of freight cars and locomotives. According to recent statistics CJSC "SCR" in the January-March 2012 accelerated turnover of freight cars increased by 0.2 days or 5.3% to the level of 2011.
Due to statistics, on an average one car was on run during 3.8 days.
In the first quarter of 2012 average performance of a car amounted to 3983 net tons per km / wagon, which is 5.5% over the same period of 2011.
In the last quarter performance of the locomotive fleet was also improved. In particular, the average mileage of the locomotive was 343.9 loc/km, which exceeds the first quart of 2011 by 2.8%.
The Company achieved such results due to its policy on railway infrastructure and traction-rolling stock improvement on the basis of comprehensive measures to ensure traffic safety.
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