SCR: The Opening of a New Railway Bridge in Zamanlu
On Saturday, April 21, SCR held the opening ceremony of the railway bridge of Zamanlu, which was attended by the President of RA Serzh Sargsyan, President of GSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, Vice Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan, Minister of Transport and Communication Manuk Vardanyan, the Ambassador of Russia to Armenia Vyacheslav Kovalenko, General Director of CJSC "SCR" Victor Rebets, Vice-Governor of Lori region of Armenia Arsen Darbinian, and other officials.
During the ceremony Vladimir Yakunin said that "the opening of the bridge has been one of the largest projects implemented in Armenia within the framework of the investment program of GSC "Russian Railways".
"Reconstruction of the bridge Zamanlu is another step towards the development of infrastructure of the South Caucasus Railroad enhancing its effectiveness, which plays an essential role for the growth of the economy, creating the necessary conditions for the integration of Armenia in Euro-Asian transport system, strengthening cooperation with its partners in foreign markets" – said the president of GSC "Russian Railways".
Yakunin said that technologies applied during the construction are complicated, so they characterize the high quality of engineering work in Armenia.
In turn, Vice Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan said that the reconstruction of the bridge Zamanlu and SCR work in general are a good example of the strength of the Armenian-Russian relations. He expressed hope for its extension.
Reconstruction of the bridge of Zamanlu started in 2010 under the investment program of "South Caucasian Railways" in intensive care and rehabilitation of railway roads and artificial engineering constructions of the railway.
Next to the historic viaduct Zamanlu (the bridge was considered to be the largest one built in the Russian Empire at the moment of construction) a new bridge is built, which will be utilized by the railway. The length of the new bridge is 216.86 meters, height – 42.89 meters.
Due to its policy of supporting the Armenian business CJSC “SCR” selected construction company “Kamurjshin” as the contractor for the reconstruction of Armenian railroad bridge.
As soon as Zamanlu bridge functions, the old one will be announced a museum.
However, works on the road are not limited by the construction of the railway bridge Zamanlu: currently the program on the integrated development of the nearby railway infrastructure which includes projects to rehabilitate stations and spans of Chahali, Pambak and Vanadzor is on run.
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