SCR functions a new distance-measuring computerized car-laboratory
SCR functions a new distance-measuring car-laboratory КВЛ-П2.1.  The car is bought due to the investment program of “South Caucasus Railway” from the Russian Scientific-Production Center of Information and Transport System (INFOTRANS).
“КВЛ-П2.1 is designed for automated monitoring and evaluation of rail track in teal time at speeds up to 120 km/h ensuring high accuracy. It is of high importance that the equipment is all-weather. The distance-measuring car-lab can perform measurements in any weather (precipitation (rain, snow, and fog), low temperature, frost on the rails, in the harsh climate)”, said Andrey Yelizarov, the head of railroad center of diagnostics of infrastructure SCR.
In particular, the distance-measuring computerized car-lab monitors the state of rail track due to the main geometrical parameters in the extended speed range with high accuracy; definition the passport characteristics of the way; statistical analysis of the rail track for a period of 1 year. The car-lab while carrying out measuring in real time displays data from the previous studies comparing it with the latest measurement’s results.
Car-lab КВЛ-П2.1 also makes automated processing of all monitored parameters formatting and delivering reports at the same time.
The car-lab starts working on the railroad today and it will improve the current system of railway infrastructure monitoring which in turn will significantly improve traffic safety. 
We remind that safety of trains, passengers’ health and life is a priority of SCR. That’s why seasonal inspections of the roads and rolling stock is carried out, the program of modernization and upgrading of infrastructure is on run, due to which from the beginning of the concession activity about 160 km of the track has been repaired, about 260 thousand wooden sleepers and more than7.7 thousand concrete sleepers have been replaced.
In particular, this year major repairs of almost 20 km of track, hard-recovery repair of almost 108 km of the track and middle-recovery repair of 37.6 km of track are planned to be carried out.
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