Тhе Exhibition of "Manufacturers of Armenia for the Needs of CJSC “SCR”
The exhibition "Armenian manufacturers to meet the needs of CJSC “SCR”” opens on March 20 at the central office of the South Caucasian Railway. 10 manufacturers involved in supplying equipment, goods and services to the railroad attended the exhibition.
The expositions were presented to the head of CJSC "SCR" Victor Rebets, first deputy minister of Transport and Communication Hrant Beglaryan, head of way and structures of railways Alexander Grishov. The head of SCR stressed the importance of this exhibition in the enlarged Scientific and Technical Council, dedicated to infrastructure repairs in 2012.
"In 2011 our company has ordered the goods and services estimated for more than 2 billion drams in Armenia to 20 manufacturers. In 2012 we plan to increase this amount to more than 4 billion drams. This is our next contribution to the economy of the Republic of Armenia ", - said Victor Rebets.
At the same time Director in General of CJSC "SCR" noticed that the company is quite a demanding and exacting partner taking the responsibilities for the operation of infrastructure and traffic safety. He added that the SCR encourages high-tech manufacturing, innovation, applying specific quality requirements.
In turn, first deputy minister of Transport and Communication Hrant Beglaryan welcomed the holding of such exhibitions, incentives to improve the quality of manufactured products in Armenia.
The question of reconstruction and modernization of the infrastructure was also discussed at the meeting of the Scientific-Technical Council of CJSC “SCR”. For these purposes in 2008-2011 the company had spent more than 31.4 billion drams. As a result technical speed of trains has been raised by 25.8% and ward rate has increased by 36.4%.
Works on the improvement of road infrastructure will continue in 2012. In particular, 12 factitious structures and more than 81 km of the contact network are planned to be repaired. Priority areas of work sites will be Masis-Zod (which is important for the organization of local transportation) and Yerevan-Ayrum (having a importance to improve the speed and weight of trains).
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