CJSC “SCR” HR Policy in the First Quarter of 2012
CJSC “South Caucasian Railway” considers it necessary to refer to recent publications in the press due to which the number of employees of the Company compared to last year dropped by 353 people.
We inform that by January 1, 2011 4321 people worked for CJSC “SCR” and by January 1, 2012 the number of employees was 4095, a decrease of 226 people.
However, data released in the press (353 people fired in the first quarter of 2012) is not completely reliable, because the analysis compared data of the Tax Service of the RA for the first quarter of 2012 and for January-December 2011. In fact, the quarterly data is compared with the annual. 
Regarding the number of Company’s fired employees we need to clarify that since 2012 20 employees retired. We also note South Caucasian Railway cares about its former employees. In particular, with the assistance of SCR 62 railroad workers fired in 2012 have been employed in other organizations which provide services to CJSC “SCR” on the basis of outsourcing.
Besides, in 2012 CJSC “SCR” completed the process of restructuring by consolidating productions. These actions have contributed to optimization of the staff and led to increased efficiency of resources.
Thus, by April 1, 2012 SCR counts 4148 jobs and 3975 positions employed.
Thanks to the development of rail infrastructure annually the number of employees of SCR partner companies is increasing. These companies produce goods and services to meet the needs of the railway. Accordingly, over the past three years in 26 such companies 1900 jobs were saved.


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