CJSC "SCR" Introduces Lowering Factors in Transporting of Construction Materials and Feedstock in Domestic Traffic
In accordance with the order of the CEO of "South Caucasian Railway" Victor Rebets from June 1, 2012 in domestic traffic in group sending nomenclature of "Building materials and industrial raw materials" the following lowering adjustment factors will be applied:
Sending 10 to 14 cars weighing not less than 650 tons - 0.97;
Sending 15 cars and more of a total weight not less than 975 tons - 0.95.
Previously, these lowering factors were used in calculating the freight for sand, gravel and stone transportation. The list of building materials and industrial raw materials significantly expanded which transportation cost is now much cheaper. The list also includes limestone, sulfur, graphite, quartz, chalk, pumice and other building materials and feedstock demanded in the Armenian market.
Note that the basis for the formation of CJSC "SCR" tariffs for domestic transportation is the general economic situation in the Republic of Armenia, the structure of existing traffic, development projects of industrial enterprises. 
The tariff policy of CJSC "SCR" is aimed at supporting the export sector of the economy, the development of market of the internal transport and balanced approach to the economy of the enterprise on the whole, increasing the share of rail transport in total freight traffic on the types of public transport.
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